Inspire Integrated: 4,000,000 Man-Hours Without A Lost Time Injury

We are pleased to announce that our infrastructure facilities management subsidiary, Inspire Integrated, has met an exceptional milestone. Having surpassed 4,000,000 man-hours without a Lost Time Injury. This was accomplished at their FM project within Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation’s Barakah Nuclear Power Plant. Through this achievement, Inspire exemplifies its outstanding Health, Safety and Environmental standards at BNPP.

A Lost Time injury is an injury that contributes to absenteeism or delays in carrying out duties. This could be as little as one day, shift or a more substantial period. Any workplace injury leading to an employee being unable to perform their regular duties constitutes a Lost Time injury. Due to the nature of work carried out at BNPP, 4,000,000 man-hours without a Lost Time injury is very commendable.

Inspire has achieved this milestone by implementing a combination of proactive factors, including open communication, strong supervision and management, staff dedication and commitment to HSE. Furthermore, they have applied safety-focused operations programs followed by the FM teams across the Red, Yellow and Green zones. Applying these proactive factors enables Inspire to prevent losing any time to injury at the ENEC Barakah Nuclear Power Plant.

Eltizam would like to thank the Inspire site team at Barakah Nuclear Power Plant. We applaud their contribution and dedication to reaching this fantastic milestone. As well as ensuring we have introduced and maintained the highest Health, Safety and Environmental standards at BNPP.

Eltizam encourages all of its subsidiaries to strive toward building a sustainable working environment. The most vital resource that any organisation has is its employees. Therefore, we focus on our employee’s safety, health and welfare, which has been made evident with Inspires latest accomplishment.