Eltizam Asset Management Group Expands Mena Presence with Colliers Partnership

We have strengthened our Middle East and North African (MENA) presence by acquiring Falcon Investments LLC, who were the affiliate partner trading as Colliers, the leading diversified professional services and investment management company in MENA, since 1995.

Colliers Partnership

As the largest technology-driven physical asset management company and investor in the built asset environment in the Middle East, our partnership with Colliers will be beneficial in several ways. Through our partnership, we will accelerate the delivery of Colliers’ complementary growth plans and maximise the potential of real estate for clients. As well as deepen the services that the two firms can provide.

“Eltizam, a joint venture between IHC and ADQ, will broaden its asset management platform and accelerate its growth strategy through this partnership. We see this affiliation between Eltizam and Colliers as a powerful combination. That will enhance the company’s portfolio in the existing and emerging markets,” said Mr Ahmed Amer Omar Saleh Omar, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eltizam Group.

Chris Roberts, Group CEO

“We are thrilled to increase our presence in the region and the depth of the real estate services we have within our stable through our partnership with Colliers. For us, the firm is a natural fit for our market aspirations. The standing that the global brand Colliers has combined with Ian Albert and the wider teams’ expertise is second to none. We look forward to the unification of the companies.”

Ian Albert, CEO of Colliers in MENA

“The partnership between Eltizam and the asset management services it provides, with Colliers’ expertise in core real estate transactions and advisory services, will expand the services we can offer together to deliver further expertise and drive opportunity to our clients in this dynamic region.”

Colliers Range of Services

Colliers provides a range of services for the MENA region for government, occupier enterprises, and private sector owners. Including brokerage services, landlord and tenant representation, valuations and advisory, occupier services, development consultancy, capital markets advice and building and cost consultancy.

Through its subsidiary firms, Eltizam offers an integrated suite of real estate services that utilise a strong technology platform for innovative services. Eltizam has had operations in the region since 2009.