A committed partner in providing sustainable and strategic physical asset management solutions to all of our customers

The Eltizam Asset Management Group focuses on 4 key objectives within the built environment

Our company offers holistic services through its subsidiaries that fall under four holding companies: EAMG Holdings, iREC Holdings, iFM Holdings and East-O Holdings.
Develop the Right Asset
By controlling and protecting the asset, EAMG can support our customers by reducing costs and increasing revenues through various initiatives.
Control the Asset
Controlling the asset allows us to manage our customers’ properties most effectively, benefiting from economies of scale and a holistic approach.
Protect the Asset
We not only protect the physical asset but also the associated people and property in tandem with our customers’ reputation and other intangible factors.
Increase ROI
Our data-driven approach to asset development ensures the right asset is developed at the right time in the correct market. This leads to long-term ROI for asset owners.

The Eltizam Asset Management Group Companies

Eltizam Group Regional Presence

Eltizam Asset Management Group was formed as a new holding company in 2014 to better serve our clients with a more integrated suite of real estate services. Expanding throughout the region, Eltizam Asset Management currently has offices located in 7 cities throughout the MENA region, with our headquarters remaining in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.