A committed partner in providing sustainable and strategic physical asset management solutions to all of our customers

Principles & Philosophy

Our Belief

We believe that managing the built environment as per international industry standards benefits all stakeholders: asset investors reap benefits of lower long-term maintenance costs and higher ROIs, building residents live in communities that are safe, clean and well maintained, and commercial space occupants interact with their building management teams through simple, seamless digital processes. To this end, we work smart, around the clock, and maintain a strong customer service ethic to ensure we deliver on our ultimate goal of customer happiness.

Our Vision

To be a committed partner in providing sustainable and strategic asset management solutions to our clients and customers.

Our Mission

To achieve exceptional customer happiness in an engaging, safe and secure environment, delivered consistently through innovative solutions by our trusted, talented professionals.

Our Values

Results Orientated
Dedication to the Company

Corporate Culture

Get Wonky, our organisational and business enhancement culture program, was established in 2019 and was designed to enhance customer experience, inspire excellence within the workforce, highlight the company’s treasured values and sustain revenue growth and strong performance.


Eltizam and its business entities’ ambitions and strengths are harnessed through the culture’s four pillars that serve as the anchor that strengthens all our actions and business practices, paving the way for a robust organisation with a solid corporate culture.





Key Milestones

Three60 Estates Management Established
  • Three60 Estates Management established; one company, one emirate, 4 managers, 128 staff and 49 technicians
  • By 2013, the business had generated AED 40m
  • In 2014, Chris Roberts joined the company as Group CEO
Eltizam Asset Management Group Formed
  • Eltizam Asset Management Group formed as a new holding company
  • The company’s mission, vision and strategy developed
  • Expanded the business across the UAE and Oman
Technology Investment
  • USD 5m invested in technology as part of the company’s strategic growth plan.
MENA Expansion
  • The company launched operations in the UAE, Egypt and Oman and introduced five new companies to the Group – 800TEK, Omnius Estate Services, OrionTEK, SimmaTEK and Fixis
Holding Companies Established
  • Two new companies, Inspire Integrated and Kingfield, became part of the Group
  • Acquired Falcon Investments, the affiliate partner that trades as Colliers under the MENA region
  • Four holding companies were introduced – EAMG, iREC, iFM and East-O Holdings
International Expansion
  • International expansion is planned through partnerships as well as further M&A